Pecos Bill Aint Dead

by Pecos Bill

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So I couldn't take the rigorous schedule of being a folk singer. So I became a Hiphop artist. So what?


released April 1, 2011

Mc Scars!
Raptress Marge
Pecos Bill
DJ Magix Musicmaker



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Jesse Pilgrim & The Bonfire Portland, Maine

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Track Name: Going Green
if the blood of christ is a cup of wine
then colt 45 and a blunt is mine
that was the drink of choice in grade thirteen
duck tape two fortys and an eighth of green

melting greenwax in the hastings dorms
those freshman girls they were flocking swarms
or a gaggle or a murder or a pack or a herd
but im probably just lying bout every other word

if i saw see a car that i wanted to drive
i couldnt afford a car with my nine to five
id need a nine to five and a five to nine
gasoline these days you need doubletime

instead i drive my dads old subaru
steel rims bald tires with a leak or two
me and you oh what can we do
if we smoke cheap green we can squeak on through

inexpensive weed? man that'd be a dream.
To all you muthafuckers who are going green

all you muthafuckers are going green.
your sista's and your brotha's are going green
all you muthafuckers are going green
and all your baby's mother's are going green

Music, will never make me a million
I aint a gangster or even cecilian
Im not from the streets
I wore payless sneaks
As a kid I had a board
and fucking punk rock beats

HATERS, their no trick to writing
i know im not fucking rap star exiting
i know ive never come close to fighting
i put pen to the paper, strikes me like lightning

try and write a verse, every other day
some come out lame, and the others ok
but if youre not smitten
with the words that im spittin'
look down at your paper and see what youve written.

puff on a joint with a cup of caffeine
cause all you muthafuckers are going green

crack is wack i dont touch that shit
meth is death oh dont you forget
coke is a joke
just beers and smoke
shotgun pbr and a joint to toke

the smoke is how i performance enhance
gotta puff on a blunt before i go out to dance
up at the sulky lounge
antiques were found
bring one or two home and pass em around

NOT talking, about banging old chicks
Just stealing old things man your brain is sick
sick like bubonic plauge
ill be smoking up cronic then im going on stage

smoked my first bowl when i was seventeen
now all you muthafuckers are going green
Track Name: Pecos Bill - Fuck You Paul LePage
Fuck You Paul LePage

eastport. first city in the nation
last city when it comes to fucking public education.
forget about them how bout paul lepage
hes got a black child hes allowed to hate

governor more like number one hater
walk up to the blain fucking say smell you later
civil masticator
verbal masturbator
dont be a spectator write to your legislator
dont believe a word Angus King impersonator
stand up state of maine and say we wont cater
to a tea bag extremist
man im feelin squeamish
stand the fuck back man i think im gonna be sick
ok just a false alarm
but i cant help but feel he'll do less good than harm
fuckin rush limbaugh has more grace and charm
and him and glen beck are walking arm and arm

when im rollin down the street here it bumping from my speakers


way up north in the "countyside"
they are cookin up meth then snowmobile rides
to the next meth shack on eagle lake
and there's domestic abuse make no mistake
no police cars no driving to bars
one track two skis they aint going to far

Paul just wants to talk Obamacare
way up north... the people are fucking scared
that they cant feed their children
their bills are fucking killin them
one person gets ill then
you owe the state a million
obamacare cost too much money!
poor people dying i dont find that funny.

kick out the mexicans they are taking our jobs!
tea party sounds nicer than a racist mob
mexico maine with its paper mills
paper mill runoff androscoggin spills
gotta do what you do but you gotta admit
pine fresh pinetrees come out smeling like shit

drill baby drill cause theres oil is alaska
natures gonna need a big mother fucking casket
invest in the future just get it in your head
just ask a pelican you cant they're dead.

Youre better off selling discount Marden's Sneakers